Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Karen Return & Reestablishment Committee (KRRC)

Established in 2012 as Refugee Housing Committee (RHC), local communities in Mae Kala Khee area realized the process for returning refugee to their homeland cannot be successful solely by housing solution; the process involves support and welfare programs, the process comprises education, training and cultural orientation programs, plus, building civil infra-structures, the process embraces providing welfare support and creating job opportunities for returnees. After series of consultations with local communities and international experts, the RHC is reorganized and renamed as Karen Return and Reestablishment Committee (KRRC) in early 2017. The KRRC steering committee composed of (3) board members, (4) honorable board members and 8 steering committee members. Additionally, KRRC is composed of 6 committees: (1). Health, (2). Welfare and Support, (3). Job Creation, (4). Women’s Affairs, (5). Security and Discipline and (6). Education with 24 committee members for implementation of return and reestablishment process. KRRC is committed to refugee return process because we cannot ignore their plight of living in limbo. Our motto is “Together – Stronger” – if local community and returning communities work together, Mae Kala Khee area will develop more and more.

Karen Return & Reestablishment Committee has appointed one director and many consultants to international professional positions.

Board of Directors

1Saw Mo ShayChair of board of directors/ Founder
2Honorable Chair of board of directors
3Honorable Chair of board of directors
4Honorable Chair of board of directors
5Saw SteelVice Chair (1) of board of directors
6Man Tun MyintVice Chair (2) of board of directors

Steering Committee

1Man Win HlaingChairperson
2Saw Kyi OoGeneral Secretary
3Saw Kyi WinHealth Committee Leader
4Man Aung Nay LinWelfare and Support Committee Leader
5U Aung NaingJob Creation Committee Leader
6Man Phar KhaleetSecurity and Discipline Committee Leader
7Nan San MawWomen’s Affairs Committee Leader
8U San Min OoEducation Committee Leader
9Saw Hare SeiGeneral Manager